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Ages Served
Jeffrey J. Allen – A Montpelier Adults, Teens, Elders
Eric R. Aronson – A Montpelier Teletherapy, EMDR, grief, trauma/PTSD, relationships, parenting, anxiety, depression, addictions, IEP planning, ADHD, learning or behavior problems Adults, Children, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Jennifer Cetin – A
Depression, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, stress management, self esteem, women’s issues, relationships issues.
Adults, Teens, Individuals, 
Jill Cresswell – A Montpelier Anxiety/phobia/OCD, childhood disorders/school problems, depression, grief/loss, family issues, play therapy, PTSD Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Children, Families
Darlene Duff – A Montpelier Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, life-transitions, women’s issues, self-awareness/reflection, stress management tools, mental health crises; strategies for coping with difficult experiences/crisis stabilization, and spirituality. Adults, Individuals, Couples
Ann Marie Dryden – A Montpelier Nurse Practitioner, medication management, supportive & Integration psychotherapy, integrative approaches; PTSD including childhood trauma and Veteran support, Depression, Anxiety/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum, ADHD, Life transitions & Grief, Pregnancy Loss, PostPartum depression and transition, Parenting
Individuals, Families, Adults, Children, Teens, Elders
Jeffrey Dworkin – A
Relationships, Communication, Couples and Individuals, Anxiety and Depression, Grief, Life Transitions, Self-Exploration and Self-Acceptance.
Adults, Adolescents, Families, Individuals, Couples
Diane Cecile Ehly – N Montpelier
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Amy Emler-Shaffer – A Anxiety, depression, trauma, self-worth; trained in ACT, EMDR, IFS
Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Families, Groups
Kate Fetherston – A
Mood disorders, medical/ chronic illness, disabilities, sexuality issues, grief / life transition, eating related issues, creative blocks, spirituality, women’s issues.
Adults, Elders, Older Adolescents, Individuals, Couples
Alexandra Forbes -A
Grief, Marital Issues, PTSD, Women’s Issues, Supervision
Adults, Individuals, Couples, Group, Families
Maggie Frampton – A
Attention Deficit Disorders, Depression, Alcohol Use/Abuse, Life Issues, Self Care, Supervision, Individual & Group ADHD Coaching. Adults, Elders, Individuals, Group
Ginny Giles – A
Addiction/alcoholism, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Grief/loss, Trauma
Individuals, Couples, Families
Kristin Glaser – N
Anxiety, Depression/Grief/Loss, Family Issues, Marital Issues, Women’s Issues, Life Issues
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Cory Gould – A
Bipolar spectrum disorders, Gender issues, Suicidality, Existential problems
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Sandra K. Howell – A
I work primarily with people who experience pronounced communicative struggles; and with those experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and/or isolation. My goal with couples is to facilitate communication: it is an evolving journey that requires and deserves the commitment of time. I enjoy coordinating services with psychiatrists or other providers, but will not share specific confidential information. Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Parker Kennedy Rea – N Montpelier Anxiety Disorders. Women’s Reproductive Mental Health. Relationship Issues. Adolescence and Transition into Adulthood.
Adults, Teens, Individuals, Groups
Juniper Rian Johns – A
anxiety, depression, managing emotions and stress, child and teen emotional and behavioral  issues, parenting support, sand tray therapy and play therapy, LGBTQ+, anti racism and cultural inclusion, grief and loss healing, relationship changes, and life transitions.

Child, Teen, & Adult Individual therapy

Parent and Family therapy

Rachel Lamagna – A
Relationship Issues, Substance Abuse, Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Life Transitions
Adults, Individuals
Michelle Lesnak
Anxiety, Anxiety/Phobia/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum, Childhood Disorders/School Problems, Depression/Grief/Loss, Play Therapy
Adults, Adolescents, Children
Ami Sweet – A
Anxiety Disorders, Domestic Abuse, Grief, Adjustment Disorders, LGBTQ+, Depression, Anger Management, Addictions and Dependency, Relationship Problems, Adults, Academic Concerns, Sexual Abuse/Assault Recovery, Trauma/PTSD
Adults, Individuals
Kelly McCracken Montpelier Depression, anxiety, stress management, relationships, family issues, health issues, sexuality issues, trauma history. Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Families
Steve Moorhead
Childhood Disorders/School Problems, Anxiety, Family Issues, Play Therapy, Depression/Grief/Loss
Adolescents, Children
Barbara Nielsen – N

PTSD, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Issues, Relationship Issues, Parenting

Adults, Individuals
James Nelson – A
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, substance abuse, substance dependence, gender identity, phase of life issues, EMDR, Hypnosis
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples, Families
Eilis O’Herlihy – A
Medical Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal Violence, Relationship Issues, Grief
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples, Families
Terry Padilla – A
Anxiety, depression, stress management, grief, relationships, health
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Margot Childs Prendergast – N Montpelier Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Anger, Grief, Attachment/relationships,
Diversity/LGBTQ+, Life transitions, Chronic pain.
Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Don Rhoades – A
 Addictions, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Marital/Relationship issues, Loss, Grief, Men’s Issues, Life Transitions Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Kathryn Rickard
Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Identity Issues, self awareness
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Corina Rose
Anxiety/Phobia/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum, Depression/Grief/Loss, Family Issues, Marital, PTSD, EMDR
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Group
Paul Sahba – N
EMDR, Anxiety Management, Pain Management, PTSD, Grief
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Ryan Staton – A Montpelier Transition age youth and young adults, Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse, Trauma, Mindfulness-based work, Working inclusively across cultural difference
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Christopher Steller – A Calais Trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, attachment issues & challenges, anger management, parent-child & other relationship stressors/problems, family dynamics, addictions, men’s/boys issues & groups, emotional literacy, grief and loss, EMDR. Adults, Adolescents, Children, Individuals, Group, Families
Diane Tetrault – A Montpelier Depression, anxiety, grief, effects of trauma
Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Ron Thompson – A
Performance Anxiety, Peak Performance, Interpersonal Communication, Mood Disorders
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Anne Unangst – A
Depression and anxiety resulting from: major life changes, relationship conflict, parenting, step-family living, grief and loss, caring for elderly and ill family members, trauma, domestic violence, making decisions, career change.
Adults, Adolescents, Children, Elders, Individuals, Couples, families
Miriam Voran – A
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, infant-parent psychotherapy, family therapy, parent consultation
All Ages, Individuals, Couples, Families
Katie Whitaker – A
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, medication management, supportive & integrative psychotherapy, substance use disorder (SUD), PTSD, Depression, Anxiety/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum & mood disorders, ADHD,
Adults, Children, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Families, Groups
Jessica Wright – A
Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, trauma/PTSD, grief and loss, stress management, coping skills
Adults, Elders, Individuals