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N=not available
Ages Served
Jeffrey J. Allen – A Montpelier Adults, Teens, Elders
Eric R. Aronson – A Montpelier Teletherapy, EMDR, grief, trauma/PTSD, relationships, parenting, anxiety, depression, addictions, IEP planning, ADHD, learning or behavior problems Adults, Children, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Susannah Blachly – A Montpelier Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, grief/loss, spiritual issues, dream work, self esteem, PTSD, childhood disorders, school problems, play therapy Individuals, Couples, Families
Dianne Bouchard – A Barre My areas of special training and expertise include Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Suicide Prevention/Postvention, I work primarily with adolescents and adults in the areas of depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders. Adults, Teens, Individuals
Bob Buchicchio – A


Individual, couples coaching/consultations; couples separations – by telephone only

Adults, Elders

Jennifer Cetin – A
Depression, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, stress management, self esteem, women’s issues, relationships issues.
Adults, Teens, Individuals, 
Yannick Chassereau – A
Psychological trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and men’s issues Adults, Individuals
Jill Cresswell – A Montpelier Anxiety/phobia/OCD, childhood disorders/school problems, depression, grief/loss, family issues, play therapy, PTSD Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Children, Families
PJ Desrochers – A Montpelier Couples, Families, Kids, & Self-Care Therapy
Adults, Elders, Adolescents, Family, Individuals, Couples, Group
Darlene Duff – A Montpelier Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, life-transitions, women’s issues, self-awareness/reflection, stress management tools, mental health crises; strategies for coping with difficult experiences/crisis stabilization, and spirituality. Adults, Individuals, Couples
Jeffrey Dworkin – A
Relationships, Communication, Couples and Individuals, Anxiety and Depression, Grief, Life Transitions, Self-Exploration and Self-Acceptance.
Adults, Adolescents, Families, Individuals, Couples
Diane Cecile Ehly – N Montpelier
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Kate Fetherston – N
Mood disorders, medical/ chronic illness, disabilities, sexuality issues, grief / life transition, eating related issues, creative blocks, spirituality, women’s issues.
Adults, Elders, Older Adolescents, Individuals, Couples
Alexandra Forbes -A
Grief, Marital Issues, PTSD, Women’s Issues, Supervision
Adults, Individuals, Couples, Group, Families
Maggie Frampton – A
Attention Deficit Disorders, Depression, Alcohol Use/Abuse, Life Issues, Self Care, Supervision, Individual & Group ADHD Coaching. Adults, Elders, Individuals, Group
Ginny Giles – A
Addiction/alcoholism, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Grief/loss, Trauma
Individuals, Couples, Families
Kristin Glaser – A
Anxiety, Depression/Grief/Loss, Family Issues, Marital Issues, Women’s Issues, Life Issues
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Cory Gould – A
Bipolar spectrum disorders, Gender issues, Suicidality, Existential problems
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Julia Gresser
Women’s Issues, Supervision, PTSD, Life Issues, Bipolar Spectrum, Family Issues, Childhood Disorders/School Problems, Depression/Grief/Loss
All Ages, Individuals, Group, Families
Carl Hilton-Vanosdall – A
depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, life transitions, interpersonal communication Individuals, couples, families
Sandra K. Howell – A
I work primarily with people who experience pronounced communicative struggles; and with those experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and/or isolation. My goal with couples is to facilitate communication: it is an evolving journey that requires and deserves the commitment of time. I enjoy coordinating services with psychiatrists or other providers, but will not share specific confidential information. Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Juniper Rian Johns – A
child and teen, family therapy, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions,
Adults, Children, Teens, Individuals, Families, Groups
Rachel Lamagna – A
Relationship Issues, Substance Abuse, Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Life Transitions
Adults, Individuals
Michelle Lesnak
Anxiety, Anxiety/Phobia/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum, Childhood Disorders/School Problems, Depression/Grief/Loss, Play Therapy
Adults, Adolescents, Children
Ami Lindemann – A
Anxiety Disorders, Domestic Abuse, Grief, Adjustment Disorders, LGBTQ+, Depression, Anger Management, Addictions and Dependency, Relationship Problems, Adults, Academic Concerns, Sexual Abuse/Assault Recovery, Trauma/PTSD
Adults, Individuals
Kelly McCracken Montpelier Depression, anxiety, stress management, relationships, family issues, health issues, sexuality issues, trauma history. Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Families
Steve Moorhead
Childhood Disorders/School Problems, Anxiety, Family Issues, Play Therapy, Depression/Grief/Loss
Adolescents, Children
Rachel Mueller – A
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Grief, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Issues, Emotional issues related to substance recovery, Spirituality, Creativity
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples
Barbara Nielsen – N

PTSD, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Issues, Relationship Issues, Parenting

Adults, Individuals
James Nelson – A
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, substance abuse, substance dependence, gender identity, phase of life issues, EMDR, Hypnosis
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples, Families
Eilis O’Herlihy – A
Medical Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal Violence, Relationship Issues, Grief
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples, Families
Terry Padilla – A
Anxiety, depression, stress management, grief, relationships, health
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals
Margot Childs Prendergast – A Berlin Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Anger, Grief, Attachment/relationships,
Diversity/LGBTQ+, Life transitions, Chronic pain.
Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Paul Reed Montpelier Psychodynamic psychotherapy, short and long term, anxiety, depression, PTSD, family conflict, marital issues, supervision.
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Don Rhoades – A
 Addictions, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Marital/Relationship issues, Loss, Grief, Men’s Issues, Life Transitions Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Kathryn Rickard
Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Identity Issues, self awareness
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Corina Rose
Anxiety/Phobia/OCD, Bipolar Spectrum, Depression/Grief/Loss, Family Issues, Marital, PTSD, EMDR
Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Group
Sarah Rosenthal
Social Anxiety, Social Cognitive Challenges, General Anxiety Disorders, Executive Functions of the Brain Challenges, ADHD, Depression, and Adjustment Disorders
Adults, Teens, Individuals, Families, Groups
Paul Sahba – N
EMDR, Anxiety Management, Pain Management, PTSD, Grief
Adults, Elders, Individuals
Glenn Soberman – A
Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood Abuse, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Relationship Issues, Parenting Issues
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Ryan Staton – A Montpelier Transition age youth and young adults, Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse, Trauma, Mindfulness-based work, Working inclusively across cultural difference
Adults, Teens, Elders, Individuals
Christopher Steller – A Calais Trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, attachment issues & challenges, anger management, parent-child & other relationship stressors/problems, family dynamics, addictions, men’s/boys issues & groups, emotional literacy, grief and loss, EMDR. Adults, Adolescents, Children, Individuals, Group, Families
Diane Tetrault – A Montpelier Depression, anxiety, grief, effects of trauma
Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples, Families
Ron Thompson – A
Performance Anxiety, Peak Performance, Interpersonal Communication, Mood Disorders
Adults, Adolescents, Elders, Individuals, Couples
Demaris Tisdale – A
Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Depth Psychology
Adults, Teens, Elders
Individuals, Couple, Families
Anne Unangst – A
Depression and anxiety resulting from: major life changes, relationship conflict, parenting, step-family living, grief and loss, caring for elderly and ill family members, trauma, domestic violence, making decisions, career change.
Adults, Adolescents, Children, Elders, Individuals, Couples, families
Miriam Voran – A
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, infant-parent psychotherapy, family therapy, parent consultation
All Ages, Individuals, Couples, Families